The 60 Best Teachers On Twitter

We at EduDemic are huge Twitter fans. This site has been live for just about a week and we already have nearly 100 followers and an active discussion happening right now on our live stream page thanks to Twitter. So we thought it might be good to point out a great list that has been developed on TweepML that allows you to see who the best teachers are to follow on Twitter right now. The list is below. Think you’ve got what it takes to be on this list? Add yourself at TweepML and get talking!

ethinking – ethinking
I am a lecturer in education with interests in primary ICt and elearning in general
coolcatteacher – Vicki Davis
Teacher building cultural bridges through technology for her children, students, and our future. Official protector of family secret recipes.
chollingsworth – C Hollingsworth
Learning all I can to bring about change in family and consumer sciences, career education, and FCCLA. Wife, mom, techno geek wannabe.
cristama – Crista Anderson
Fifth grade teacher always on the search for innovative ways to engage students:) Recently earned MA in Literacy Ed..finally! Currently prioritizing ambitions:)
Darcy1968 – Darcy Moore
Learner, educator, deputy principal, English teacher, blogger, digital technologies enthusiast, amateur photographer, especially macro captures with a Nikon D90
dawnhallybone – dawnhallybone
teacher and mum – before the beginning of great brilliance there must be chaos!
dianadell – Diana Dell
Educational technology consultant, learning games and activities @ and free Moodle classrooms @ , GCT, eMINTS
ejulez – Julie LaChance
9-12 Technology Facilitator, Second Lifer and Tech Nerd
heikephilp – Heike Philp
Completely passionate about language learning with technology in real-time. Co-initiator of EU funded LANCELOT and AVALON project.
islayian – islayian
tech teacher living off the west coast of scotland
joedale – Joe Dale
Passionate about language teaching, blogging and podcasting
jpallis001 – John Pallister
teacher interested in ePortfolios, Personal Learning and Thinking Skills, Functional Skills and Web 2.0
kellyhines – Kelly Hines
Keeping Kids First – Wife, Mom, Learner, Leader, Teacher – NBCT, DEN Star, SMART Exemplary Educator & Certified Trainer
Larryferlazzo – Larry Ferlazzo
Inner-city High School teacher — ESL & Mainstream
maggiev – Maggie Verster
ICT/social media 4 learning & Teaching activist + Maths teacher supporter and material developer
Networking_Lady – Sigi Jakob
Grab the future or the future will grab you!
ozge – ozge karaoglu
Teacher/trainer,preschool team leader,coordinator of an EFL DVD project, e-moderator,content&educational coordinator of Minigon reader series,edtech addict!
olliebray – Ollie Bray
National Adviser for Emerging Technologies in Learning at LTScotland
pdonaghy – pdonaghy
ICT Teacher
russeltarr – russeltarr
History Teacher, author of +; keen to share ideas / links with other web2.0 educators!
terryfreedman – Terry Freedman
Me: passionate about learning and technology!
teachernz – Michael Fawcett
Primary school teacher in NZ, ICT leader/facilitator. Nerd, geek…all round happy chappy :-)
andywallis – andywallis
English and Media Studies teacher. Scottish Screen Lead Practitioner in Moving Image Education
geobart – Bart Van B.
Geography teacher, hydrogeologist and former pharmacist with a keen interest in weblessons, 3D modelization and visualization, homeopathy debunker, Japan addict
web20classroom – Steven W. Anderson
Technology Educator, Blogger, Co-Creator of #edchat, Character at the #140Conf, Winner of 1st Ever NOW Award, Trying to Change The World, One Tweet At A Time…
djkennedy – Daniel Kennedy
Graduate of Education (University of Plymouth – 2009). PGCE student at University of Exeter 09/10. Interest in E-Learning, Web 2.0, MUVEs and digidentity
timbuckteeth – Steve Wheeler
Web 2.0 researcher and author of The Digital Classroom. Lecturer, e-learning specialist, international speaker, co-editor of Interactive Learning Environments.
jshe – Jenny She
teacher,mother,wife,ICT lead teacher, loves blogging.
emmabarker – Emma Barker
Year 5 teacher, formerly assistant editor in a small publishing company. ICT coordinator and general geek. Interested in everyone’s super ideas!
steppers – Martin Stepney
I am a graduate from The University of Plymouth and now a PGCE trainee teacher with Somerset SCITT ’09-’10. I also enjoy being an Actor/Director.
jerridkruse – Jerrid Kruse
Father, husband, learner, science & teacher educator, science teacher journal editor, founder Bridging the Gap, blogger Teaching as a Dynamic Activity
junebre – June Breivik
Projectmanager Digital school Upper secondary school, Hordaland county council
rmbyrne – rmbyrne
Teacher and Web apps junky. Google Certified Teacher
thegreatgar – davegarland
i.educator physicist gamer poet ex-surfer(i’ll be back) amateur musician ‘NOW generation learning’ : THESE ARE MY PERSONAL VIEWS
daibarnes – Dai Barnes
ict teacher/leader. 2*stepson, 1*daughter, 1*partner, 3*guitar, 1*piano, x*computers. Will follow educators.
missbrownsword – Sarah Brownsword
Year 6 teacher at a Suffolk Middle School. Linguist, ex-efl teacher, social media lover, parent, MA student
tonyparkin – Tony Parkin
Head of ICT Development, SSAT
mcarls – Mark Carls
CABOCES Technology Staff Specialist after teaching HS Math in a block schedule for 11 years. Learning and sharing Tech ideas.
digitalmaverick – Digital Maverick
Learning technologist, Moodle evangelist and gig goer
swedishteacher – Jesper Isaksson
I am a teacher. I am from Sweden. I am also know around the Interwebs as Jazzjeppe, Jazzperous, Jazzper. Call me what you want.
pauljinks – Paul Jinks
learning technologist, language teacher, trainer, web design/development jack of all trades
weemooseus – weemooseus
Middle school technology teacher, web/moodle site builder, PD tech, Project GUTS Facilitator/Leader, teaching programming w/StarLogo TNG, Scratch, pilot
mtechman – Melissa Techman
K-5 School Librarian, ex-Children’s Librarian in public library, wife, mother, and heavy reader. Following the lure of tech, books, words and community.
DawnyWheeler – Dawn Wheeler
andywallis – andywallis
English and Media Studies teacher. Scottish Screen Lead Practitioner in Moving Image Education
stevebunce – Steve Bunce
VITAL ICT Manager for NE England. Digital Storytelling, Game-based learning, consoles in schools, tabletop whiteboards
sabridv – sabridv
I’m an English teacher (Efl, esl and TEFL) who loves using new technologies
katiebarrowman – Katie Barrowman
English teacher seconded to Learning and Teaching Scotland, Glowing for a living! Books=good.
cyndidannerkuhn – Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
Educational Technology, Teacher, Friend, Technology Change Agent, Artist, College of Education Kansas State University
kellyhines – Kelly Hines
Keeping Kids First – Wife, Mom, Learner, Leader, Teacher – NBCT, DEN Star, SMART Exemplary Educator & Certified Trainer
PeterVogel – Peter Vogel
ICT and Physics teacher, Internet/technology newspaper columnist, Windows network admin, amateur radio operator, PM SciTech award, Web 2/3 aficionado.
dughall – dughall
Interested in ICT, Education (E-Learning, Web 2.0), Music fan. Parent . (My tweets are my own views)
Cmriddiough – Catherine Riddiough
18 year old (going on 40!) Doing a BA in Primary Education :D Probably because I’m still a big child myself!
dajbelshaw –  Doug Belshaw
Husband, Father, Educator, Ed.D. Student. Working for JISC infoNet after teaching History & being Director of E-Learning in UK schools.
dsdixon – David Dixon
Music AST, Moodler and E-learning advocate. Creative Arts Faculty Leader at Wickersley School, Rotherham
4goggas – kerryturner
Director of ICT – sometime parent, torn between supporting the Lions or SA in rugby.
deerwood – Doug Woods
ICT Education Consultant, Trainer and Teacher. Interested in web2.0, education, mind mapping, self development, transforming learning, handheld learning


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