The 6 Types Of Assessments (And How They’re Changing)

Testing, especially any sort of standardized testing tends to get a bad rap. Teachers complain that they spend too much time teaching to a test. But assessments do have value, and an important place in our learning structure. By measuring what students are learning, we as teachers can look at how we are approaching different subjects, materials, and even different students. The handy infographic below takes a look at different types of assessments and their attributes and questions. Keep reading to learn more.

All About Assessments

  • There are many types of assessments: diagnostic, formative, summative, norm-referenced, criterion-referenced, and interim/benchmarked are the types overviewed here.
  • There are five main question types: multiple choice, constructed response, extended constructed response, technology enhanced, and performance task.
  • Three main delivery methods of assessment: paper and pencil, online, or computer adaptive testing (which uses an algorithm to adapt to a user’s responses).
  • Scoring can be done by hand, by computer, or distributed scoring.


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    September 30, 2013 at 11:41 am

    I wanna improve my teaching methods and testing criterion.