The 6 People Needed To Implement E-Learning In Your Classroom

So you’ve finally succumbed to the buzz words and hype. You want to implement e-learning into your curriculum on a regular basis.

How do you do it? What partners do you need? Who the heck is going to actually create the e-learning tools? Before you start jogging down this path, take a look at this infographic that spells it all out in pretty clear terms.

There seems to be something pretty big missing from this infographic by Lean Forward. Know what it is? Here’s a hint: it rhymes with ‘eech-err’ and it’s the sixth person needed to implement e-learning.

It’s a teacher! The real person implementing e-learning needs to be a teacher who understands pedagogy and how it all fits together. In any case, this infographic is still quire helpful and useful for anyone considering a more e-learning-centric classroom.