The 10 Best Learnist Boards For Teachers

best learnist boardsThis week is National Education Week.  It is a chance to celebrate the heroes in public education. As we publicly discuss education reform and ways to improve learning for all students, it is important to remember that education is a fundamental value in American society–in many other countries it is not.  This week’s Learnist boards will celebrate the teachers using Learnist to help other teachers make school a better place.

National Education Week
Let’s start off this countdown with Amelia Hamilton’s board celebrating National Education Week.  This board contains the history of the week as well as celebrations events planned to honor education.

Innovative Education
In this board, Alex Hernandez discusses what he perceives will be the future of education, highlighting Sir Ken Robinson’s TEDx blockbuster on Creativity, Sal Khan’s 60 Minutes feature on how open content will personalize and change education, and Tony Wagner’s TEDx talk on“Creating Innovators.”  This is a board into which you will want to invest some time.

21st Century Learning: Teaching the Teachers
This is important–many teachers are just getting into the Web 2.0 scene. Navigating all this new technology can be intimidating, and teachers either tread cautiously or throw caution to the wind and get assaulted by all the gadgets and apps available.  As such, Emma Jane Phillips sorts out some helpful technology and reasons to use it.

Flipped Classroom
It’s all the rage–”flipped classroom.” Before you go nailing desks to the ceiling, take a look at Melanie Turner’s board to see the proper way to maximize student-teacher interaction time during class using technology.  Flipped classroom done right can inspire students and give you much more classroom time on task.

Resources for Beginning Teachers
I created this board because I remember the challenges of my first year teaching. There were so many things to consider–things that don’t always seem obvious to someone who has been teaching a while.  Logistics, classroom design, lesson pacing, and flow of material are often things that turn a good class into something special.

Using Learnist in the High School Classroom
I have had great success using Learnist, as have a great many teachers. This board is a collection of ideas about how to use Learnist both in and out of the classroom to promote learning. Students in my class have reported increased time on task, engagement with other students and more enjoyment of the subject.  Could a teacher ask for anything more?

Technology Tools for Teachers
Miguel Andres’ board shows some technology tools he has found useful in the classroom. The beautiful thing about most ed tech apps these days is that they are free–try them out and see which ones work for your classroom!

Lesson Planning Resources for Educators
“Why start from scratch?”  Miguel Andres advises us that there’s no need to invest time in recreating the wheel. He assembles several sites with helpful lesson plans, and highlights those which allow teachers to collaborate with other teachers. This board is a big win–it saves time and gives ideas for better sharing.

Digital Storytelling
This board by geography teacher and web guru Jose Carlos Figueiredos is not exclusively for teachers–digital storytelling could be applied to anything from classroom sharing, creation of the personal narrative, or  marketing. The classroom applications of this board are boundless.

Knowledge and Learning in the XXI Century
William Colmenares incorporates several popular education based TEDx  talks into this board. He shares as things we should expect to change in education as it becomes increasingly more student-directed and tech influenced.