Are Standardized Test Prep Services Right For You?

It’s pretty darn tough to keep track of standardized testing these days. From the MCAT to LSAT, these tests require a massive amount of time and preparation. While some students are naturally gifted with standardized test-taking abilities, others (including myself) often crack under the pressure of these exams. While you standardized ‘test killers’ may think you’re in the clear, here are some reasons to consider using the services of a test preparation course.


Going into an important exam with confidence can give you the extra push you need. Knowing what to expect will keep you calm and help you focus on what really matters….Passing!


Simply put, exams are incredibly expensive. There is no reason for you to spend all your money, only to be forced to retake the test. Get it right the first time, and use your money wisely. Some programs even offer money-back if your score doesn’t improve.


Being your own instructor isn’t nearly as good as it may sound. You’ll likely burn out and suffer from extreme boredom. Courses and study guides break up the information and keep your mind working, instead of crashing.


College Boards will intentionally throw you off your game during the test. These courses will help you prepare and understand these tricks, which could very well determine the difference between a pass and fail.

While there are countless reasons for taking a test prep course, these four are intended to be a blatant safety sign reading, “C’mon, lets do this the right way.” Unfortunately, your test scores tend to translate into a personality when reviewed by an acceptance board. Comb your hair, shine your shoes, and make sure they like what they see.

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