4 TED Talks That Will Make You Want To Explore The World


I love to travel, that certainly isn’t a secret. My mother thinks that I’m nuts to prefer spending money on traveling instead of other things, but exploring the world has always been interesting to me. I’ve always loved immersing myself in other cultures and seeing how other people live. I love seeing how I fit into this huge global picture. I love seeing other people and wondering where they’re coming from and where they’re going. I wonder about their story, and their place in the huge global picture.  From cities to small towns, beaches and mountains, there’s always something interesting, new, and different to see.

The big thing about travel, at least in my mind, is more about what it teaches us about ourselves. When you travel and change your surroundings, you’re changing the environment in which you see yourself. You’ll learn what your limits are and what things you theoretically like vs what you really like.

Travel can fundamentally transform us by changing our point of view – even once we’re back home. Travel isn’t usually much of a part of education, but think of all the things you can learn about through travel: history, cuisine, culture, communication, and so much more.

Travel falls more into the category of ‘life education’, which shouldn’t diminish its importance at all. The four TED talks below shine some light on the importance of travel and what we can learn from it. So whether you’re traveling this summer or sticking around your regular stomping grounds, check out the talks below and see what expanding your horizons – quite literally- can do (for you and your students!)