Bill Gates, Ken Robinson, and TED Are Coming To PBS

ted-videos-eduTED Talks is expanding. No longer relegated to your computer or mobile device, it’s making the jump into the more mainstream media. It’s headed to PBS.

On April 16th, PBS is going to air the first televised TED event, dubbed TED Talks Education. It’ll be filmed a bit before the airing on April 4th in New York City. The first three speakers include Geoffrey Canada of the Harlem Children’s Zone, Bill Gates, and Sir Ken Robinson. TED says there will be more speakers (including “dynamic teachers, speakers, and performers”) announced soon.

The topic of discussion? Curbing the high school dropout crisis.

TED Talks Education will be broadcast nationally in the U.S. and will be produced by WNET in conjunction with TED.  The program is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s American Graduate Program. It promises to be an exciting, thought-provoking hour of television.

Below are a few of the greatest hits from Gates and Robinson in the past. You’ve probably seen them before but worth checking out to get you excited for the upcoming event in April.

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