11 Signs That Technology Is A Key Part Of Education

The current trend of education technology is nothing to sneeze at. There are iPads and Android devices popping up in classrooms around the world. From BYOD to 1:1 to flipped classrooms, there are a lot of trends that leveraging the power of technology in education.

Aside from these few popular trends, there are other signs that technology is truly a key part of education. For example, technology makes it easy for teachers to create visually engaging images that illustrate a key concept. This would not normally be possible unless the teacher had a talent for art and design. Now, a teacher can head over to their favorite infographic-maker like Piktochart or Visual.ly or Easel.ly and whip up a fun little design that inspires a student. According to the visual below from JESS3, using visuals is beneficial as they increase retention from 14% to 38%. Take that random stat with a huge grain of salt but it’s something to ponder.

That’s the idea behind this handy chart below. It spells out just under a dozen (couldn’t have added 12th to hit the lucky dozen, huh?!) ways that technology is playing an increasingly important role in and out of the classroom.

What other key factors do you see in education right now? How is technology expanding and improving (or not improving) the classroom experience?

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  1. Felipe

    February 6, 2014 at 11:38 am

    Today’s learners are just to stressed with other issues to focus on lengthy texts that do not communicate key concepts and ideas. An infographic or video can efficiently deliver a complex idea or topic in consumable format that as I have observed increase learning in the online and face-to-face classroom. Let’s face it give the learners what they need to survive and thrive in the 21st century workplace.

  2. csorensen88

    February 19, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    There’s no disputing Technology is a huge part of the learning process, both in and out of the classroom setting for teachers and students alike. I am a Grad student going for Elementary Ed certification, and was a little taken aback by the amount of technology incorporated into lesson plans compared to my first go-round in college 20 years ago! I think it is a wonderful thing to be able to not only educate kids on how to use technology (let’s face it: tech is everywhere!), but it offer it up as a substitute for or augmentation to the more traditional lecture-based lesson plans. This is a great thing: it offers different ways to get a lesson across to children with different “learning styles” and gives them much-needed exposure to various technological resources they can employ on their own: heck, it may even pique their curiosity and make a learning a little more fun! I am just beginning this aspect of education and will work diligently to find ways to integrate technology into my lessons once I begin teaching.