16 Technology Leaders I Follow On Twitter

twitter1Several times in the past, we’ve looked at a number of great folks to follow on Twitter. From teachers and education leaders to powerful young leaders in our society, there’s no shortage of great people who are sharing good information and interesting opinions (even if you don’t always agree with them personally!). Many of our recommendations have been education focused, which is great, since most of you are here because of your interest and involvement in education. So we don’t want to forget about the other part of what we talk about here at Edudemic – technology.

Below find a list of interesting folks to follow on Twitter to keep tabs on the latest technology trends. Some are individuals, and others are tech sites or companies who use Twitter regularly. Descriptions are from the users’ profile descriptions. Keep in mind that there are a LOT of folks out there who talk about technology of all kinds – so don’t consider this an exhaustive list! Feel free to share your favorite tech tweeters in the comments section!

Anil Dash

  • Handle: @anildash
  • I love NYC, tech & funk. Cofounder of @activateinc & @thinkup.

Dennis Crowley

  • Handle: @dens
  • I like snowboards, foursquare and unemployment.

Leo Laporte

  • Handle: @leolaporte
  • Podcaster, broadcaster and tech pundit. The Tech Guy on the Premiere Radio Networks.

Om Malik

  • Handle: @om
  • Founder of GigaOM. Venture Partner at True Ventures

Pete Cashmore

Kevin Rose

Kara Swisher

Chris Dixon

MG Siegler

  • Handle: @parislemon
  • Partner at CrunchFund, Columnist at TechCrunch. I roam the badlands. An outlaw hunting outlaws. A renegade. San Francisco · http://parislemon.com

Nico Perez

  • Handle: @nicoperez
  • Co-founder @Mixcloud + Young Advisor to EU Vice President @NeelieKroesEU + Mentor @founding + Fellow @theRSAorg + Explorer ✈ London Town · http://nicoperez.com

Dan Frommer

Jack Schofield