How Technology Is Being Used In Music Classrooms

Even though I’m not a music teacher (nor have I ever been, or will I be), I tend to find technology in music classrooms to be some of the most exciting ways that technology is being put to use in classrooms overall. While there’s lots of time-saving-efficient-cool-useful stuff happening in all types of classrooms, there’s something particularly awesome about making music and integrating some awesome digital technologies into the process. There are a million and one ways to use an iPad or other tablet in your music classroom, but it definitely doesn’t stop there! The handy infographic below takes a look at how technology is revitalizing how musicians compose, record, perform, and distribute music – both in and out of the classroom.

Technology in the Music Classroom

  • 74% of teachers feel that technology supports and expands the curriculum
  • 74% say it motivates students to learn
  • 73% say it motivates students to respond to a variety of learning styles
  • 11% use an interactive table
  • 59% use an interactive whiteboard
  • 35% use tablets or e-readers
  • 48% make online lesson plans
  • 45% use web based/interactive games
  • 44% use as vehicle for information delivery to students and parents
  • Offers easy access to connect with other teachers and musicians
  • Leaves time for flexibility in class
  • Encourages students to create and showcase their music
  • Offers differentiated instruction
  • Students have access to new resources and concepts
  • Use your technology to create a music production studio – including composition, rehearsal, recording, editing, distributing, etc!

Great Music Apps

  • Ear Trainer
  • Garage Band
  • forScore
  • Real Piano Pro
  • Guitar Lab
  • ImproVox
  • Tab Toolkit

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  1. Dan Kemp

    August 11, 2014 at 6:02 am

    Hi – I wonder how many teachers have considered using Book Creator in the music classroom?

    This teacher had her students create tutorials for the recorder in Book Creator that were used for the next year’s class.