The New Alphabet Students Are Really Learning

We talk a lot here about the technologies available to our students now that were not available to us at that time in our lives. Part of that is almost unavoidable – these technologies form a huge part of our daily lives, and it is really difficult to try not to compare that with the reality that you lived as a younger person. That thought was prominent in my head when I stumbled across this graphic the other day. It takes a modern, technological view of the alphabet. I’m sure you could guess that a is for apple, and f is most likely for facebook, but what abut the rest of the letters. Take a look at the graphic and enjoy!

If you had to make your own technology alphabet using the tools you use most frequently for each letter, what would yours look like? Weigh in by leaving a comment below, mentioning @Edudemic on Twitter or leaving your thoughts on our Facebook page.

The Technology Alphabet

A: Apple

B: Bluetooth

C: Chat

D: Download

E: e-mail

F: Facebook

G: Google

H: Hewlett Packard

I: iPhone

J: Java

K: Kingston

L: Laptop

M: Messenger

N: Nero

O: Orkut

P: Picasa

Q: Quick Heal


S: Server

T: Twitter


V: Vista

W: Wifi


Y: YouTube

Z: Zorpia