10 Technologies Of The Future That Might Actually Happen

Our classrooms – and our lives more generally – have come a long way in terms of technology. From ye olde school slate to iPads, the way students learn, teachers teach, and we all research has changed significantly. But what is coming down the pipeline in terms of technology of the future? Humanity’s views of the potential of future technology has always been interesting to me (think about things like Back to the Future and Star Trek: Where are my hoverboard and my transporter?!). The handy infographic below takes a look at 10 innovations that may or may not be possible by 2050, along with a % guesstimation of the likelihood that the technology will actually exist. Keep reading to learn about the potential of these 10 fun future technologies.

10 Technologies of The Future

Dream Downloads – 5% chance – Will you be able to download your dreams via brain scan?

Human + Robot marriage – 10% chance – Will you or your colleagues (or students) have avatar companions rather than human companions?

Child Born in Space – 10% chance – Will you know someone who gives birth in space?

Moon Hotel – 25% chance – Forget the Disney World, maybe your students will be headed to the moon for April break

Humans Live 150 Years – 40% chance – Which means we would retire at age…..120? Oof.

Robotic Insects Crop Pollination – 40% chance – Could this be the solution to disappearing bees and other pollinators in nature?

Cloned Humans – 60% chance – Let’s hope your students don’t clone themselves so they don’t have to come to class

Spray On Skin – 70% chance – Just keep a spray bottle of it around for small classroom accidents

Electronic Display Tattoos – 80% chance – Because ink is so 1980’s

Active Contact Lenses – 90% chance – Like google glass in contact lens form. For the anti-spectacled among us



  1. Abid

    April 25, 2014 at 12:47 am

    Out of these dream downloading seems interesting. The rest may be in near future itself , no need to wait till 2050 !!!

  2. Gustav

    April 25, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    I say doubtful to robot marriage. Marriage is based on mutual consent, intimacy, and love from both parties involved. Until a robot it declared sentient and can feel love and can consent, it’s not a real marriage.

    Pollinating robotic insects seem the most likely to me. We can already make flying drones, big and small. Programming them to pollinate seems like the best next step.