Tech vs Text: New Study Unveils What Students Are Actually Using To Learn

Technology is all the rage when it comes to reinvigorating classrooms around the globe. But is that for a good reason or just because it’s fun to play with? Do students actually prefer e-books over print? How many students actually own iPads? A new study by marketing research firm Student Monitor has been released and turned into an infographic. <sarcasm> Because who likes looking at actual data anymore? </sarcasm>

Here’s a brief overview of the study:

  • The study polled 1,200 full-time students at 4-year colleges and universities.
  • 2 out of 3 students said the iPad was “in” on their campus.
  • About 12% own an iPad … but adoption rate is faster than laptop adoption rates.
  • Desktop computers are still en vogue despite the headlines. 19% of students still own a desktop. 10% say they own a tablet.
  • Laptops are still king by a long-shot: 88% of students own one.
  • E-textbooks are getting a bit more popular as 20% of students polled bought or rented an e-textbook this past semester.