10 Awesome Tech Tricks From David Pogue

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 6.45.18 PMY’all know we love TED talks.

Short, watchable snippets of useful information, thought provoking questions, personal stories, inspiration, and learning. While I always take something away from every TED talk that I watch, some stick with me more than others. That said, most don’t come with a specific list of takeaways meant to help you with your everyday life.

This talk, from David Pogue, offers 10 time saving tech tips. Most are for technologies that we use every day. They’re simple, easy-to-do, they’ll save you time, and make you feel like a suave tech person who can (seemingly) make their technology do whatever they need it to do with little effort. The video is embedded below, but we’ve typed out the handy list for you to reference later.

10 Tech Tips From David Pogue

Some of you may already be well versed in the world of shortcuts. Some of you may not be. For me, this list was a great refresher. Much of this stuff was already familiar to me, but some of it I forget to use. I’ve been using my spacebar more already!

Scrolling: Scroll down a page by using the space bar. Scroll back up by holding the shift key and the space bar at the same time.

FIlling Out Forms: You can toggle between boxes on online forms using the Tab key.

Changing Text Size: Control + increases the size of your text (Command+ on a Mac)

Auto Punctuate: Two taps of the space bar earns you a period – and the bonus of an automatically capitalized next letter.

Redial: Simply press the call button on your phone to redial the last number you called.

Voicemail Shortcuts: We all know how to leave a voicemail, so why do cell carriers give you a list of instructions before you can just hear the stinking beep and leave the message? There are keystrokes that allow you to bypass the instructions, though they vary for each carrier.

Google Knows All: Look up the definition of any word with Google by typing “define” followed with the word you want to understand in the Google search bar.

Highlighting: Double click any word to highlight it. If you need to delete that word, just start typing, and it will be magically replaced!

Stand Alone Cameras: For the folks who use cameras that aren’t just a part of their smartphone, you can avoid shutter lag by half pressing down the button of your camera about halfway before you take the picture.

Giving A Presentation?: Black out a slide by pressing B, or white it out by pressing W.

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