Why Technology In Classrooms Is More Important Than Ever Before

Gone are the days when teachers and students used to be dependent only on blackboards and dusters for their lessons. Now, it’s the use of technology, especially the World Wide Web that has become a crucial skill and handiness for both: students and the mentors.

Internet is an easy source of information and knowledge that can be useful to the pupils in infinite number of ways. Through internet, young brains are introduced to more research based study.

As there is a vast connectivity to everything these days, it has become easy for the kids and youths to get a global approach. Topics generally discussed by the teachers in a span of 40 to 45 minutes, has become more research based by just a click away.

It helps the students to see the topics from a wider and deeper angle as the access to the search engines into the classroom can bring experience and knowledge of the subjects in various ways. Internet helps the students to connect with their batch mates across the globe through chat rooms.

Students can interact with different students across the globe and thus get engaged and involved completely to have a new perspective of their topics and chapters. This no-chalk method is more interactive and motivational when it comes to encourage knowledge and education. In a class, students have their teachers and fellows to raise their doubts, but through this global channel, students and even teachers have an access to seemingly unlimited resources.

It is seen that this technology transformation is in full force as we make the transition from print-based learning to interactive white boards and Web-based references. This revolution is widespread around the schools of the world.

There are so many technology driven devices which help a lot in examining everything closely. Both teachers as well as students can analyze issues from multiple points of view. There is an endless list of advantages of having an effective technology into the classrooms. The test scores and brain activity of the students can definitely improve if technology is used appropriately in the learning process. And this is because technology enables the young minds to have a critical thinking, advance knowledge, and entertainment simultaneously.

The students today absorb ten times what they are taught, than they used to get years ago. It’s just because the information reaches to the kids more rapidly through web and other technical developments. The benefits from the use of interactive technology are tremendous.

The only thing that should be there is a successful integration of technology. Before anything, a student first must be taught to use the equipments and the techniques appropriately and effectively. We see that there are thousands of advantages of using technology for education, and there is still a long way to go to bring it into more of practice.

About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who is all into computers and gadgets. She is not hacking out

livelihood by writing rather she prefers to work in the IT industry. Her latest purchase is an apple iPad and a wireless
network card.These days she is planning to write something on Industrial Design.

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  1. Geremia

    September 6, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    I'm a bit disappointed by this article.

    "The students today absorb ten times what they are taught, than they used to get years ago. It’s just because the information reaches to the kids more rapidly through web and other technical developments."

    Really? And what is this rather vague and broad statement based on?

    I really enjoy this site and have much higher expectations than a "yeah for technology!" in education article by someone who prefers to work in the IT industry. (You might also run a grammar check before you publish as well…)

    Thanks for the great resources Edudemic!