10 Resources For Teaching About Drug and Alcohol Awareness

April is Alcohol Awareness month. This is an important topic, especially as prom season is upon us. It is an issue that affects students, families, and society in general. It is critical to be aware of the issues surrounding alcohol and drug abuse. This week’s Learnist feature is a serious one, dedicated to educating the public about these issues that cost society so much.

First, here’s a useful poster / infographic from centurycouncil.org to teach about drug and alcohol awareness that encourages you to use the #JoinTheConvo hashtag on Twitter.

alcohol awarenss

Drunk Driving

Mercyhurst Prep Health has put together one of the most extensive collections on on Learnist. This board is tough to get through, because it shows the human toll of drunk driving, as well as the cost to society. With learnings about teenage drunk driving, drunk driving after the prom and the extremely emotional “Faces of Drunk Driving,” this board shows the learner, “This could be you.” Hopefully, with continued education and awareness, it never will be.

Alcohol and Drug Prevention Education in Schools

Jeff Wolfsberg is a national expert in alcohol and drug addiction. This board discusses some of the issues in schools, and how experts, students, and families can recognize problems in order provide help as soon as possible.

A Guide to Staying Healthy in College

Erica Jackson acknowledges that there are challenges to staying healthy in college. Avoiding the “freshman 15,” and keeping a workout regimen helps develop good habits, but avoiding alcohol and drugs is also critical. Many college students struggle with this very serious problem.

Generation Rx

Carly Wick knows that Generation X is exceeding previous levels in alcohol and drug abuse, including prescription meds and binge drinking. This is a very large problem and growing, spreading all across the nation.

Tobacco/Alcohol/Drug Education

Erica Pavlovich is using this in her classroom to teach about the dangers of addiction. This board helps students in health class access the material they need to understand the seriousness of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use and abuse.

Alcohol Awareness Month: The Basics

Kate Garklavs discusses the basics behind alcohol addiction, including the way alcohol is processed by the body. These are important facts to know–the short term and long-term effects of alcohol are often very striking.


Dick Dillon teaches about addiction, cautioning not to substitute one addiction for another. This is often a challenge for those trying to recover from addiction–addictions are often personality traits. It’s very easy to swap them out.

Drive Hammered. Get Slammered

Drunk Driving is never acceptable. Each state has different laws on this subject, but they are all severe. People die as a result of drinking and driving. Sometimes the driver doesn’t realize he or she has had one too many. The best course of action is not to drive–this board brings the severity of drinking and driving to light.

Emerging Drug Trends

One of the biggest issues for parents, families, and schools is keeping up on the drug trends and vocabulary. This board helps everyone to do this–this is a good board to add to if you are an in-field expert, educator, or member of law enforcement, because the more information that is added to this board, the more help it will continue to be.