Did You Know? Teachers Spend $485 Of Their Own Money Every Year

Hearing that teachers are spending their own money to supply their classrooms with necessary items is not a new story. Even in seemingly well funded schools, most teachers that we’ve spoken with tell us that their classroom is lacking at least something – and in many cases, it just ends up being easier to go out and get it yourself rather than fight with the administration to get money for something. The handy infographic below, while short and to the point, shows a few interesting factoids about how much money teachers are spending out of pocket for classroom supplies. Keep reading to learn more.

Dollars Spent On Classroom Needs

  • $485 dollars per year spent on average, per teacher
  • $149 on school supplies
  • $198 on instructional materials
  • $138 on classroom materials

Do you spend your own money on things you need for your classroom? How much, on average? What do you spend it on? We’d love to hear what your experience is!