Study: Teachers Love EdTech, They Just Don’t Use It

I had a teacher recently say to me “It seems like EdTech is taking over”. Mulling that thought over brought to mind a lot of different possible responses.

First off: the teacher who said this is older, approaching the end of their career, and not very tech-aware at all. Not just not tech-savvy, but not interested in becoming tech-savvy, either. A bit later in our discussion, this particular person admitted that they thought that technology could help improve students’ learning, but that still didn’t make them interested in it.

While I’d probably place this person in the minority of teachers, it got me thinking. Is edtech really taking over? Are the majority of teachers integrating tech, or are there still a lot of ‘old school’ folks out there shunning tech? The visual below takes a look at some teachers’ opinions on edtech, and as the visual might have given away – it isn’t optional, it’s essential! Keep reading to learn more.

EdTech Is Essential!

  • 86% of teachers think it is ‘important’ or ‘absolutely essential’ to use edtech in the classroom
  • 965 say that edtech increases student engagement in learning
  • 95% say that it enables personalized learning
  • 89% say that it improves student outcomes
  • 87% say that it helps students collaborate


  • Only 19% use subject specific content tools weekly
  • Only 31% use information or reference tools weekly
  • Only 24% use teacher tools weekly
  • Only 14% use digital curricula weekly
  • Despite all the buzz about 1:1 classrooms, only about 1 in 9 are implementing a 1:1 or BYOD classroom
  • In these classrooms, the use of subject specific content tools(15%), information/reference tools(37%), teacher tools(18%), and digital curricula(20%) are still quite low – in some cases lower than the ‘general’ numbers!
  • 92% of teachers agree that they’d like to use more technology in the classroom than they do
  • Money, access, and time are the biggest obstacles to using more technology
  • 77% of teachers state that they have a hard time finding out what the best tech resources are
  • 32% of teachers spend an hour or more each week finding edtech resources



  1. Bryan Murphy

    November 12, 2013 at 9:21 am

    I’m often referred to as a dinosaur, however, I feel that technology in the classroom is a great idea. The problems that arise are. Where does the money come from for the devices, the I-pods, the computers, the smart phones? Are students expected to provide their own devices? What about training for staff, do they all get it, or some chosen ones or do only those who feel creative get the opportunity? When does the training take place? Do staff get time off from their classroom duties to learn how to use this stuff?

    • Mike

      November 24, 2013 at 10:17 am

      All of your students have the technology. Just ask them to bring them to class when you are prepared and ready. You will see how many not only have the technology but they know how to use it. We could take tips from them. Using technology in the classroom WILL engage students. Technology is there life nowadays. Go to a public place and see how many folks have their heads down looking at their smartphone. They are more than ready for you to use technology.