Did You Know? The Vast Majority of Teachers Are Brand New

We all know that education has changed over time, and is still changing. So it would make sense that teachers are changing right along with education, too. Aside from having to adapt to new technologies, curricula, standards and requirements, how have teachers as a group changed demographically?

Has the average teacher changed over time? Check out the infographic below (from the Graduate School of Education at Penn) to learn a little more about how Ms. Average Teacher has changed over time.

A few takeaways:

- The infographic compares teachers in 1987 vs. 2008
- Teachers in 2008 are vastly newer to teaching (200k per year vs 65k per year in’ 87)
- The number of teachers is growing more quickly than the number of students
- New hires are mostly in special ed, elementary enrichment, and secondary science and math
- There are fewer male teachers now, and more minority teachers

The Changing Face of the Teaching Force