Redesigning The Teacher Brand

Teachers around the globe are connected like never before. We talk about that all the time on Edudemic. Despite all the progress, the branding of the teaching profession has stalled. Schools, books, apples with worms in them, and a chalkboard are still the biggest icons you’ll see. I know I’m guilty of erring on the side of ‘classic’ pictures to illustrate some points.

So what happens when a professional design firm is tasked with re-imagining the teacher brand? Studio 360 did just that.

I’m a big fan of what they came up with and think it’s a great first step toward coming up with more appropriate branding for the profession. However, at this point I think a picture of a teacher with a smartphone, tablet, or IWB talking to his or her PLN is all we need in terms of new imagery. That being said, here’s the new branding the design firm, Hyperakt, came up with:

Hyperakt compares the art of teaching to connecting dots, and the role of teachers to guides.

“Teach” becomes a call to action.

A poster created by the team.


A poster as it might appear on a bus shelter.

The motif can also be applied to signage.

The connecting-the-dots motif is applied to bathroom doors.

The design team also created a temporary tattoo which could be used for a school spirit campaign. Hyperakt wanted to create something that "wasn't cheesy, that stays in the same visual language,” Deroy Peraza explains, “that students might be able to own."

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  1. terryheick

    January 23, 2012 at 10:43 am

    Wonderful idea! Now free the average public school teacher to pursue their craft rather than adhere to a strict sense of district mandates, and we’re getting somewhere.