How Edtech Is Being Used In Sweden

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A few months ago (and more recently), we asked for your help: we wanted real-life teachers to share what was happening in their classrooms technology-wise. And share you did! We heard from so many of you, and we’re going to be sharing your classrooms with our fabulous readers starting…today! I don’t know about you guys, but I find it so insightful to see what other folks are out there doing. Sometimes they mention a tool they use or an application for a particular device that I hadn’t thought of, and I wish I had been able to think of that particular thing so much earlier! This is why collaboration is so awesome, and important.

Today, we’re hearing from Jesper Isaksson, who teaches Swedish and English in Stockholm, Sweden. Jesper has introduced BYOD to  bring his classroom into the 21st century. Thanks for sharing your classroom with us, Jesper!

And don’t forget, if you’d like to share your classroom with us, please do! We’d love to hear from you!

Your Name

Jesper Isaksson

What Do You Teach?

(grade/age, subject(s), level, public/private)

13-16 y/o, Swedish and English, public

How Long Have You Been Teaching?

11 years

How Does EdTech Play A Role In Your Classroom?

It used to play a major part, but when I this semester started a new job, I had to rethink my teaching. The lack of technology in my classroom is embarrassing – it’s 1980 here. In Sweden, 2013. I’m turning to the BYOD concept – all my students have modern smartphones.

Are There Ways You Find Technology in the Classroom Helpful? Counterproductive?

Helpful –  otherwise I wouldn’t use them.

What Is Your Favorite Piece Of Classroom Technology?

Where I am today, in a classroom with the only piece of technology is a dusty VHS player, turning to BYOD is the best I can do to keep my teaching somewhat modern in order to teach modern kids in a modern world.

Therefore I create paper handouts full of QR codes. This amazingly turns a piece of paper into a multimedia experience. Codes linking to YouTube videos, quotes, articles, images, sounds and music. And the students love it!

What Is On Your Technology Wish List For Your Classroom?

A projector, a good sound system and laptops.

What Hurdles Do You Face In Terms of Making Changes in Your Classroom?

Money and ignorant politicians and cheap administrators.

What Do You Love Most About Teaching?


Imagine Your Ideal Classroom – Tell Us About It

I want a classroom that is, if not ahead of the future (which education should be about) in the present. Meaning just as high-tech as the community and world we live in. It’s embarrassing and naive to think that we can keep educating modern kids in an 80s environment.


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