17 Teacher Phobias That Are Probably Real

Teachers often have certain habits that they’ve developed to cope with classrooms full of students every day. My mother, for example, talks QUITE LOUDLY until you remind her that she isn’t in a room filled with screaming two to four year olds. Just for fun, we found this fun graphic (courtesy of Pinterest, I couldn’t find the original designer) that enumerates many of the phobias that teachers experience. We know you’ll relate to at least some of them, and want to share with your fellow teachers! Which do you suffer from?!

A Few Of Our Favorites

  • Redundaphobia: The fear that, even outside of school, you will begin repeating everything you say three times to make sure others understand
  • Budgetcutaphobia: The fear that the next published set of school budget cuts will include a photo of you
  • Applicaphobia: The fear that the student you’ve been urging to apply himself to his work will instead apply himself to making your life miserable for the rest of the year
  • Theyllbebackaphobia: The fear that the worst behaved kids will be the ones that don’t pass to the next grade level