TareasPlus Aims To Be The Khan Academy Of Latin America

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This month, we’re trying to expand our focus a bit and look at global education, and today, we’re looking at a new Spanish-language educational site for students in Latin America and beyond, Tareas plus. They’re  launching a new marketplace of video content and eyeing even more more global expansion. To date, much of the online education has been happening in english, so this represents a much wider reach of online education globally.


TareasPlus, an education startup that professes itself to be the “Khan Academy of Latin America,” has recently launched a Beta version of Aula, a new online marketplace that empowers instructors to create and share learning content.

In addition to the new launch, TareasPlus is targeting expansion into the U.S. and global markets. Only about 5% of its users are in the U.S., but CEO and founder Hernan Jaramillo projects that number to double or triple over the next six months. According to a recent article in GigaOm, Jaramillo said that the company thought that its users were individuals aged 13 to 25 who searched online for math and science questions but then realized ~40 percent of its users are older – aged 35 to 65 – some of those adults include teachers who use the videos in classes or on their blogs, but others are parents looking to review content before helping their kids or adults looking for practical instruction on calculating monthly mortgage or car payments.

TareasPlus currently charges teacher $24 a year to use their platform.  If users decide they want to upload and sell their own lessons, they split the profits 70/30 with TareasPlus. Not a bad breakthrough into the online education Spanish-language market, right? If you’ve used the platform, we’d love to hear what you think, so drop us a line and let us know!