5 TED Talks Teachers And Students Should Both Watch

Education is one of the most integral parts of our lives and something that tends to influence who we are, what we do and where we go in life. However, like everything in our fast changing world, it too is moving forward at an amazing pace and new research, technology and ideas are coming to the fore at an alarmingly fast rate.

We’ve looked through some of the most amazing talks on the web and have compiled a number of our favourite videos on education. These are the stunning ideas that are at the very cutting edge of learning and have the potential to change the way we are taught and learn forever.

Ken Robinson – How Schools Kill Creativity

Ken Robinson is possibly one of the most famous education lecturers in the world and his TED Talk on ‘How Schools Kill Creativity’ is probably one of the most walked of the series. Robinson makes a very entertaining and interesting case that the way we are taught doesn’t help our natural creative impulses and in fact quells them. He essentially calls for a complete rethink of the way we teach and learn, while also discussing the numerous different ways that people learn. It’s an amazing and very inspiring talk and one certainly worth watching.

Mae Jemison – Teach Art and Sciences Together

Jemison is the definition of the bold thinker that she wishes to encourage children to be. The astronaut, doctor, art collector and dancer has managed to tick most of the bases in life. In this talk she discusses her time in space, as well as her education and the way she was taught. Her main point is that we do the unthinkable and teach the arts like English and science together as one. She makes a compelling point that it would develop intuition and also logic and allows them to not only work side by side, but as one.

Arvind Gupta – Turn Trash into Toys for Learning

Gupta poses the far from illogical idea that we should simply turn trash into toys for learning. He essentially makes a call for rubbish to be designed into toys that children can then learn to create and build themselves. This would of course help facilitate many of the factors used in design and give children a greater understanding of real world science and would also cost very little to do, meaning it could be a concept used across the globe.

Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education

Kahn’s is probably the most technologically based talk and discusses how educational videos can be used to teach a myriad of subjects. He discusses the power of the interactive, how it helps children learn and why teachers should use this method rather than the traditional. He also discusses video lectures to be watched as homework as well as other aspects of education.

Shane Koyczan – To this Day…For the Bullied and Beautiful

A hilarious and moving poem where Koyczan discusses bullying and what it means to be a child. The video itself went viral as a crowd funded animated video online. However, as an insight into the world of a child it’s a fantastic talk and one that encapsulates into what it’s like to be young.

These talks are a fantastic insight into education on a number of levels and are certainly worth an evening’s watch.