Take The Procrastination Test Before It’s Too Late

If you’re like me, you’ve spent many mornings planning out a productive day that OHLOOKSHINYTHINGS!

Click To Enlarge…And Procrastinate.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, procrastination. Taking time away from the task at hand can make those tasks take exponentially longer. That means lesson plans, writing papers, basically any school-related work can suffer.To top it all off, there are so many distractions online and on our phones these days that it’s a miracle any of us finish a single task!

While a little bit of procrastination can sometimes help relax you and keep your mind clear…too much can really zap your motivation. What are you to do?

Fear not, Dr. Bill Knaus EdD has developed The Procrastination Test. Here’s a bit from Dr. Knaus on how to use the test:

Use the test to establish a baseline for where you currently stand on procrastination. A baseline is a standard for comparing future measures. After you’ve tested some of the remedies, use the test to identify where you’ve progressed and where you still have work to do.

After making satisfactory progress, use the Procrastination Test bi-monthly as an early warning system. When you have a regular reminder system, it is easier to stay on a productive track. Procrastination prevention, for example, is easier than curbing procrastination once it is in motion.

We went ahead and turned the test into a handy, printable, and fun PDF. Click here to download the PDF. Below is a smaller version of the PDF for your viewing pleasure: