The Newspaper of the Future Will Be On A Tablet [Infographic]

The future of newspapers is a big deal on Edudemic. My father works at a newspaper and it is seeing some of the biggest changes in its long history. Newspapers are scrambling to redefine how to share the important news of the day. Their definition keeps changing but one thing is certain: the newspaper of the future will involve the iPad and other tablets. Thanks to a new study by the Pew Research Center, we now know some staggering statistics about tablet usage in the U.S.

The study shows that 11% of consumers in the U.S. now own tablets just 18 months after Apple redefined the category in March of 2010. According to Pew’s survey of 1,159 tablet owners in the U.S., 77% of them use their tablets daily — about 90 minutes per day on average — and 53% of tablet owners use their slates to read news each day.

67% of owners in the U.S. use their tablets for general web browsing, and other popular activities include sending and receiving email (54%), social networking (39%), gaming (30%), reading books (17%) and watching movies and videos (13%). A massive infographic highlighting key findings from Pew’s study follows below.

Click infographic to enlarge.