This Is What We Share On Tablets

Not long ago, we looked at typing speed on iPads vs laptops. The studies cited found that on average, users typed 2-5 words per minute faster on an iPad than on a traditional keyboard.

A couple of years ago, my mother got her first piece of “real” technology. It was an iPad. She was completely tech-illiterate when she bought it, and she felt too intimidated by a desktop or laptop, but felt comfortable enough after playing around with my iPad that she was confident she could learn to navigate it easily enough.

Those are just two examples demonstrating why iPads (and other tablets) are so darned popular – they’re super easy to use (among many other things). And as the handy infographic below shows us (brought to you by the awesome guys over at Maz!), social sharing on tablets is huge. But what is actually getting shared? And on what types of social networks? Keep reading to learn more.

Social Sharing on Tablets

  • Business shares are mostly on Twitter
  • Lifestyle shares are mostly on Pinterest
  • There are 7x more pins than tweets in Lifestyle content
  • Sports, Entertainment, and Travel content are mostly shared on Facebook
  • 72% of all sharing is to email – long live email!


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