Incredibly Immersive iPad Project Makes Students Into Superheroes

Not too long ago, teacher Cheryl Uy shared her classroom with us. Cheryl teaches at the Shekou International School in Shekou, China. If you didn’t catch that post, Cheryl talked about how she aims to help students use technology productively, and not just have them playing educational games. She was about to introduce a new class project for them to work on that involved creating images of themselves as superheroes using an iPad app.

Cheryl has so generously offered to share the outcome of this cool project with Edudemic’s readers (with the children’s parents’ permission, of course!) to give an example of what she meant by helping her students to use technology in a productive way. You can also follow Cheryl on Twitter or take a peek at her classroom blog to catch up on more of her classroom adventures!

And don’t forget, if you’d like to share your classroom with us, please do! We’d love to hear from you!

Why Are Children So Fascinated By Superheroes?

Last year, together with my 4/5 year old class, we embarked on a fascinating journey of Superheroes. Here is a simple photo journal of our journey.

The Plan on Paper 

Using only pencils, the children were invited to draw themselves as a Superhero on paper.

The need to be creative

superhero art project

Step 1 Super A

The Plan on iPad

We took photos of the children’s paper illustrations using the open-ended Drawfree app.

Step 2 iPad Astro Angel


The children were given an opportunity to use technology to express their ideas about their Superheroes. Each of them were given individual iPads so they can take time in working carefully on their Superhero illustrations.

The need to experiment 

Step 2 iPad Captain Zinger


Step 2 iPad Fly Fairy

The Plan at the Art Studio

Satisfied with their work in the iPad, we asked the school’s art teacher, Ms. Brittany McCrea, to show us how to mix paint so we can get the right (or similar color) shade. The children needed this skill to paint their paper illustrations according to their iPad plan.

Step 3 Art Teacher

Step 3 Art Studio AstroA

Step 3 Art Studio CaptainZ


Step 3 Art Studio FlyF

The need to become a Super Hero!

The Plan Comes Alive!

The children talked about their superhero personas : their Superhero names and superpowers. Through Aurasma these videoed monologues gave life to their art work!

Step 4 FlyF


Step 4 Aura Super A


Step 4 AstroA


Step 4 Aura CaptainZ



  1. Mary Ann alopez

    November 19, 2013 at 10:10 am

    I have seen the children’s work came alive and how they proudly shared their work, not only to the school, but to the wider community. I love integrating technology to learning. It makes learning more fun and a good way to teach digital citizenship. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Christine Filipski

    November 21, 2013 at 6:35 am

    Very cool way to express imagination and creativity along with learning.