Think Your MacBook Is Fast? Check Out These 10 Supercomputers

Technology is pretty much exploding these days. As a pretty average person who has a job and a life, it can be hard to keep up with all the cool stuff happening out there. Computers are getting faster and faster – that we all know. Our desktops and laptops do so much more today than they did just a couple of years ago.

The handy infographic below takes a look at the top 10 fastest supercomputers in the world. The amount of data that these computers can handle is absolutely mind boggling. So whether you’re speeding through your computer based work on a shiny new, super speedy machine or cursing a slow-as-molasses laptop that takes ten minutes to do anything, check out these awesome machines that will definitely put your computer to shame!

10 Awesome Supercomputers


  • Speed: 2.566 petaflop/s
  • Created: 2010


  • Speed: 2.897 petaflop/s
  • Created: 2012


  • Speed: 4.293 petaflop/s
  • Created: 2013


  • Speed: 5.008 petaflop/s
  • Created: 2012


  • Speed: 5.168 petaflop/s
  • Created: 2013


  • Speed: 8.586 petaflop/s
  • Created: 2013

K Computer

  • Speed: 5.168 petaflop/s
  • Created: 2013

IBM Sequoia

  • Speed: 17.173 petaflop/s
  • Created: 2013


  • Speed: 17.59 petaflop/s
  • Created: 2012

Tianhe 2

  • Speed: 33.86 petaflop/s
  • Created: 2013


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