3 Reasons Students Should Consider Studying Abroad

study abroadSetting sail for a semester in Paris, London, Tokyo, or Sydney has become somewhat of a rite of passage for college students across the nation. With an unending plethora of locales to consider, students have a world of opportunity awaiting them.

Not only is spending a few months studying in a foreign culture an exciting and enjoyable endeavor, but it can have a powerful impact on a student’s psyche and interpersonal development. This makes considering a semester abroad a wise choice for any college student to consider.

Developing a Global Perspective
Parents of college students should encourage their students to consider a semester or academic year abroad, as the global perspective earned during one of these visits can radically redefine how a young person sees the world around them. Different countries have their own unique cultures, each of which encompass elements that are likely very different than the world they have known in their young life. Learning to appreciate and respect these differences can help young adults develop into more empathetic, considerate members of society.

Learning a New Language
green globeFor some students, a stint in a foreign country will likely entail learning a new language. From learning French in Brussels to studying the characters of Mandarin in Taipei, language learning has been shown to have a positive effect on learning of other subject matters. Research suggests that a single semester of instruction in a foreign language can increase math and language arts abilities.

Even short periods of time spent abroad can have a powerful impact on a student’s future career. Research conducted on students who have spent a short period of time living in a foreign country has shown that students feel self aware after these stays. This can translate into greater opportunities for career growth in the future.

Building Greater Independence
For many college students, the collegiate experience is merely an extension of one’s childhood. Moms and dads still foot the bills, take care of crises as they arise, and provide guidance on trivial matters. Many students feel hesitant to take the first step outside of the cocoon, which can stunt academic progress and future personal growth.

Studying abroad programs often mark a dramatic shift in this phenomenon. Students immersed in a foreign environment no longer have the ability to count on their parents for every small challenge. Instead, they are forced to learn how to cope with obstacles on their own. For parents struggling to encourage their children to adapt to adult life, a study abroad experience can serve as a valuable resource and catalyst.

Spending time abroad is a phenomenal opportunity that many adults do not have the luxury of pursuing. By encouraging college students to consider such a move before the responsibilities of post-educational life impose themselves, parents can make certain their children are ready for the world that awaits them after graduation. Furthermore, many students who spend time abroad report that the opportunity was a highlight in their academic career. Ignoring the potential benefits of such an experience would be a shame for the student, as the impact of a semester or year abroad could radically redefine how they see life in general.

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  1. Helen

    November 26, 2012 at 8:19 am

    Study abroad can be a positive life altering experience! I recommend it highly.