A New Way For Students To Share Notes & Learn Together

For students with disabilities, some colleges and universities offer a note-taking service that includes collecting notes from the professor, a teaching assistant, or a fellow student.  There are other students that might need to review classmates’ notes, however.

  • A student athlete with an injury
  • A student that wants to improve his note-taking skills and could use a model to follow
  • Study group members that need a central repository for notes and a way to merge those notes together.

Whatever the reason, Studyers.com, a website that claims to be “the easiest way to take notes on lessons,” wants to be their cloud-based alternative to the traditional notebook.

The site is currently in the alpha stage, so access is restricted at this time.  Once the site is public, however, users will sign in to a clean, simple interface.  From the home page, the user can create “notebooks” and “lessons” they will store within the appropriate notebook.

studyers home page

The Studyers Home Page

Users can share the lessons with other users, and print the lessons to hard copy if they want.

The lessons interface includes a text box, a drawpad, and a graph creator. Users can also import slides from the lecturer’s presentation.  Finally, users can import information from Wikipedia to add to the lesson.

studyers lesson interface

The Lesson Interface


We’re keeping an eye on this site.  It has potential, for sure.

  • It’s easy to use; the interface is intuitive, clean, and friendly.
  • Students of multiple disciplines will find features they can use while taking notes for class.
  • Sharing the lesson is easy, as is printing a lesson.