6 Innovative Ways Students Are Using Technology

They’re not just tweeting, snapchatting, and Facebooking. Okay, maybe that’s what they do most of the time. But modern students are doing some pretty innovative things with technology these days. From blending up all their online and offline courses to integrating iPads into activities outside the classroom, there’s a lot happening that you should know about.

The following visual guide from Internet Innovation walks you through a half-dozen ways that you may not have expected education technology to be used.

Personally, I like the ‘virtual labs’ idea the most. Students log in to virtual labs, discuss what they’re doing, and do experiments together. While it may not be the same as dissecting a frog together in the science classroom, it’s the next best thing for students unable to ever have that kind of opportunity.

What surprises you about how students are using broadband, texting, and other technology innovations?

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