Do Parents Actually Want Their Children To Have Education Technology?

Pretty much all of us that are of *ahem* a certain age can marvel at the technology that is available to young people, even small children. Even more spectacular (especially to people of say, my grandmother’s generation, is how adept these young kids are at using the technology that is still relatively new.

So with all of this technology out there being integrated into students’ learning process, how do we know if is really useful to people? Different tools are available for parents, teachers, and students. Often, the same tool can be used by a teacher, parent, or student in a different capacity. So how do they feel about it?

Check out this infographic below from to see how these different groups use the available technologies and share what they like best about it.

Infographic by edweek.

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  1. Phil Casas

    October 4, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    We’ve had some amazing parent responses to our 1:1 Take-home program.

    One parent returned the device and said they didn’t want it.
    The reason was – Internet filtering was not provided at home like it was at school – and why should parents have to take on that responsibility.

    Yes … I am of *ahem* a certain age :-0
    Maybe that is why I’m gob-smacked by this response.