Would Your Students Have This Reaction To Old Technology?

We know that technology has come a long way, but sometimes it is easy to forget just how far we’ve really come. We often think of our progress in terms of having technology vs. not having it at all. We compare using Google for so much of our research to having to look at physical books in a library. When I look at old technology, it is really striking. On one hand, the fact that they even had computers that could do what they did in the early 80’s is fantastic. On the other hand, these computers did so little compared to what ours do now. In just a few short decades, we went from this:


to this:

ipad screen

The differences are especially stark when you put old technology in front of kids who have only known iPads, fast internet that is available everywhere, and multimedia everything. The awesome video below showcases kids’ reactions to seeing an old computer. The clunker of a computer elicits some pretty excellent comments from the kids. Take a gander and take a trip down memory lane, and get ready to laugh at their reactions.