How To Get Students To Love Reading

Reading is one of the major foundations of any student’s studies. In any subject – including math – understanding how to read and being able to comprehend words on a page is a make or break in academics and in life more generally. Some kids take to reading naturally, and you’ll find them with their nose in a book at any given time and nearly every time you turn around. Others don’t take to it quite as naturally, though they’ll eventually get into it, and others feel the same about reading as they feel about going to the dentist.

So if you find a student who falls into one of the latter two categories, how do you encourage them to actually want to read? Sticking them in front of a book probably isn’t going to do it. The handy infographic below has some great ideas. While it is geared towards parents encouraging their children, many of the concepts can be applied for teachers working with their students, too.  Keep reading to learn more!

Help Your Students Love Reading

  • Make a comfortable place for students to read.
  • During and after reading a book, take the time to talk about the story.
  • If the student has a favorite book or author, allow them to read it over and over, but also encourage them to explore other authors and genres.
  • Ensure that the students see reading regularly – in all its forms!
  • Encourage young readers to use their library card and take out 5 books at a time.
  • Try graphic novels – the illustrations and edgy dialogue will reel in reluctant readers.
  • Using an e-reader provides insight into a reader’s speed and progress.
  • Audio books are a great way to help children appreciate storytelling even if they aren’t ready to read whole books by themselves.
  • Make sure their eyes have been tested – reading is more enjoyable when you can see what you’re reading clearly!
  • Make reading a treat – associate a reward with it.
  • After they’ve read a book, allow them to watch the movie and discuss the differences.