5 Cool STEM Activities Students Should Try This Year

LEGO-Robotics-Blog-Post-Alderwood-2Not too long ago, we looked at a number of great STEM programs just for girls- all aimed at getting this traditionally underrepresented group more interested in careers in STEM fields.

Obviously, we don’t need to only get more girls more interested in STEM disciplines – we need to get all of our students more engaged.  So we’ve put together a list of some fun programs to get students more interested in STEM. From ongoing afterschool programs that focus on math and science to international robotics competitions, there’s a bit of something for a variety of students at every level!

Afterschool Alliance

The Afterschool Alliance offers project-based learning style activities in STEM subjects, along with a number of resources on how to get these types of programs started.

The Curiosity Machine

The Curiosity Machine is a web based STEM learning portal that introduces young students to scientists and their work. There are videos of scientists talking about their research, along with instructions for associated experiments for kids to partake in. Even better: there’s an interactive portion, where the students can upload videos of their experiment for the scientists to give feedback on.

US First

US First offers a number of lego and robotics programs for kids aged 6-18. There are groups with mentors, coaches, and volunteers in 70+ countries, and the annual programs culminate in competitions that vary based on age and skill level. For some of the more advanced competitions for older students, there are even college scholarships available!

Zero Robotics

Zero Robotics touts itself as the very first robotics competition in space, which is pretty darned cool. They have a high school tournament, a middle school summer program, and and open challenges, which are open to everyone (including professionals!). Participants program robots, which in this case are  SPHERES satellites inside the International Space Station. Participants complete the first levels of programming remotely, with the finalists competing live aboard the ISS with an astronaut and a live broadcast!

US Naval Academy Summer STEM Program

US Naval Academy Summer STEM program is a summer program for students already interested in STEM fields to gain real life, practical experience in Science and math, spend time using real laboratories, and meet other students who are interested in technology and engineering. For a full week program, the cost is only $200, which we think is a very nominal fee for the experience!

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  1. Ralph Roland Solomon

    September 21, 2013 at 11:49 am

    Hi. I am a primary teacher and I am researching alternative inspiring methods to engage students in the teaching of Maths, Science, Tech and Language and share with colleagues in South Africa. Thank you. Regards. Ralph