Is Social Media Right For Your School?

Social media plays a critical role in just about everyone’s life. But it can be a time-suck. Include it in your classroom or school and that could mean problems. In other words, is social media right for your school?

A new infographic from Online Universities examines the pros and cons of social media in schools. First off, let’s look at what types of social media / social networks schools are using. There’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, and message boards. That’s pretty standard.

Now, how do schools use social media? Typically, they want to attract new students, communicate with the community, and enhance professional development. No surprises there.

So which schools have the biggest presence (in terms of quantifiable numbers, that is) on social media? The Ivy League universities and colleges take the cake here. Read on for even more details.

See any stats or figures that surprise you?

social media in higher ed