Sir Ken Robinson’s New TED Talk About ‘Education’s Death Valley’

We love keeping tabs on what the folks at TED are doing. Their recent TED Talks Education special on PBS generated quite a bit of buzz and featured a strong lineup of interesting speakers. Whether you agree or disagree with them, it’s always good to at least have the conversation, think about things a little differently, and actually start considering big solutions to big problems.

No stranger to TED, Sir Ken Robinson delivered a talk on “Education’s Death Valley” where he outlines 3 principles that are crucial for the mind to flourish. He then goes into how current education culture works against those principles.


The talk will have you laughing, considering, and thinking for days after watching. It’s definitely worth a watch. Enjoy!

Thumbnail courtesy of Wikimedia

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  1. Tutors Toronto

    May 14, 2013 at 11:09 am

    I must say Sir Ken Robinson’s is a great speaker. Listened to many of his speeches. He really puts a perspective on the current education system.