Flunked The SAT? These Schools Don’t Care

College applications aren’t easy. There’s a host of stressful sections that you must fill out and agonize over. From the essay (don’t sound like everyone else!) to your transcripts (let’s hope they don’t see that B-!), applications do a good job at giving admissions officers a bit of insight into the applicant.

How The SAT Affects Admissions

As a former admissions officer, I can honestly share with you that I did pay attention to SAT scores. I glanced at them and then moved onto the essay and then closely examined the applicant’s transcripts. That being said, my final decision to admit / waitlist / deny an applicant had very little to do with the SAT scores. These standardized tests are a good benchmark admissions officers can use to quickly compare multiple applicants. However, SATs are now being reconsidered and there is a large move from schools to not care about SAT scores.

This does not mean it will be easier to get into your reach / dream school.

It actually makes it harder.

For example, If you are a good test taker but don”t have as many extracurricular activities as a competing applicant, you may not actually get into a school like you would have a few years ago. In fact, there are dozens of schools that would probably admit the more well-rounded applicant simply because they are moving away from considering the SAT scores in admissions decisions.

Many Schools Already On Board

Here’s the schools de-emphasizing the importance of the SAT:

Fairtest also maintains information on the testing-optional movement as well as the most comprehensive list of schools that are doing away with or de-emphasizing standardized testing in their review process. – Source: College Lists

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