Should Natalie Munroe Be Fired For Her Blog Post?

There’s a lot of talk today about Natalie Munroe, the Pennsylvania teacher who posted a profanity-filled blog article about her students. According to multiple news outlets, she described them as being “out of control” and “disengaged, lazy whiners.” More details are below.

According to AOL News, Natalie has started blogging again to discuss what her life has turned into due to the blog post.

Now the issue is whether she should be fired for her actions. It’s very interesting to see what the world of Twitter (I refuse to use the term ‘twitterverse’ except for just now) has to say about the issue.

The Basic Story

Munroe teaches in Doylestown, Pa., outside Philadelphia. She went on Good Morning America to defend her post.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong,” Munroe told ABC News. When asked if she was concerned anyone would find it, she said, “No, not really, not ever, in fact, it was up there for over a year, nobody found it.”

The 30-year-old used the name “Natalie M” and never identified the name of the school in her posts that also lashed out against other teachers and administrators. But the blog did include a photo of herself and came to the attention of authorities. It has since been taken down.

The school’s superintendent said the comments were “very egregious” and “certainly could result in termination.” The case remains under investigation.

What She Said

Some of her comments about her students on her blog include:

  • “I hear the trash company is hiring.”
  • “I called out sick a couple of days just to avoid your son.”
  • “Rude, beligerent [sic], argumentative f**k.”
  • “Just as bad as his sibling. Don’t you know how to raise kids?”
  • “Asked too many questions and took too long to ask them. The bell means it’s time to leave!”
  • “Nowhere near as good as her sibling. Are you sure they’re related?”
  • “Shy isn’t cute in 11th grade; it’s annoying. Must learn to advocate for himself instead of having Mommy do it.”
  • “Too smart for her own good and refuses to play the school ‘game’ such that she’ll never live up to her true potential here.”
  • “Am concerned that your kid is going to come in one day and open fire on the school. (Wish I was kidding.)”

What Do You Think?

Should she be fired? Should something else be done? I’m genuinely curious what my PLN thinks about this issue and where they think it will lead. Weigh in down in the comments, on the FB page, or by @ing me @edudemic. Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion.