2nd Graders Share Thoughts On iPads In The Classroom

There’s a little-known video out there detailing how second graders in a US classroom feel about the usage of iPads in their classroom. It has a special focus on Nearpod, the popular collaboration app being used in many classrooms. As someone who has been knee-deep in the education technology world for many years, I know Nearpod is one of those apps that is still popular and in constant use every day.

The video by Angie Simon of North Carolina is embedded below and it walks you through some of the basic reasons you might want to deploy iPads (any number, doesn’t matter if it’s one or many) in the classroom.

I really enjoy the video on a personal level. It’s succinct and features real students sharing their real feelings about the often controversial decision to use education technology. I’ve seen a few teachers be told they absolutely cannot use any new edtech in the classroom, so this is a refreshing video and I hope you enjoy!

“My class is gaining twenty-first-century skills on a daily basis!”

— Angie Sigmon, @SigmonAngie, math teacher at Shuford Elementary, Conover, North Carolina.