Which Schools Have The Best Online Presence? [Infographic]

It should probably come as no surprise that online universities have some of the most engaging and biggest presences on the Internet. But what about the biggest brick-and-mortar schools? It turns out that they don’t all have the best web presence they could.

Another interesting bit of information courtesy of a new infographic from Best Education Sites shows that it’s not an online university that is most active on Twitter. Can you guess which school it is? It’s Syracuse! Kudos to them!

Here are some of the other factoids you’ll learn from the infographic embedded below:

  • What color is most used by school websites?
  • Who uses social media more: students or adults?
  • Which school has the best Alexa rank?
  • Which major online school has the most CSS errors on its site?
  • Which school has the most Facebook likes? (privately quite proud of this one)
  • Do school websites use serif or sans-serif fonts?
  • Does a school’s search engine ranking have to do with their presence on Facebook?


Click the below infographic to enlarge.