A New Way To Quickly Create A Free Teacher Website Or Blog

If you’ve ever wanted to create a classroom website, educational blog, or just simply have an online tool that lets you freely communicate with both your students and their parents, there’s a new contender to check out. Competing with the likes of Edmodo and other popular services, SchoolRack is a free robust tool that is worth trying out.

You’re probably asking: there are a ton of other ways to do all that! Why should I bother with SchoolRack? Simply put, you should try it because it’s new and can’t hurt to try it out. We weren’t paid or anything to promote SchoolRack, it’s just always great to see a new product in the classroom management market.

 What SchoolRack Helps You Do:

  • Share information, documents, and files
  • Hold discussions online, outside of class
  • Report grades online to students or their parents
  • Keep in touch with private messaging
  • And much more! (don’t forget it’s easy to use!)

Find A Teacher / School

There’s a terrific search feature for the general public looking to access your site. Rather than having to share the link to your site, you could simply tell a parent or student to look up your classroom on SchoolRack and be all set!

Classroom Portal

Build colorful, customizable websites featuring your own rich content, calendar, files, clip art, and more. No technical knowledge is required!

Student & Parent collaboration

Optionally manage students or parents in groups for access to extra collaborative features (Not required for SchoolRack basic functionality).

Mailing Lists

Send email messages to multiple people at once. No need to memorize or keep track of email addresses, we store them on our end!

Discussion Boards

Moderate private discussions online with students and/or parents

Post, collect, grade assignments

Post assignments to student accounts, collect assignments in your account, and report grades back once you’re finished!

Password Protected Websites

Keep your downloads and classroom discussions protected using our password protected websites feature.

Free of Advertisements, Free of Charge

You won’t find advertisements anywhere on your website, and signing up for an account is always free. You can opt to upgrade to a Plus account for a small fee, but it’s never required!