Could The School Of The Future Be Modular?

There’s a new teaching trend just about every day. Teachers are constantly encouraged to flip, twist, and mix up their classrooms every day. So why should it be any surprise that we’re now starting to see a few people discuss the future design of school buildings?

There’s an interesting-but-biased infographic that we just came across here at Edudemic. It’s by a company that makes portable buildings and it (surprise!) advocates for portable buildings. Bias aside, it presents some interesting discussion questions. For example:

  • Should we be able to quickly move and deploy new schools depending on need?
  • What if we spent less on school construction and more on teachers, technology, and everything else?
  • What if your school could be quickly added onto and adjusted to fit current demand on an annual basis?
  • What will the physical school of the future actually look like?

There’s a lot of pushing toward using portable building by this one-sided infographic … but it presents some interesting factoids about the United Kingdom and how they’re approaching new school creation.

What’s your take? What do you think a school ‘of the future’ should look like? Should it be a series of modular buildings that can be taken apart and put back together as needed just like LEGOs?

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