10 Powerful RSS Readers For Macs


Most people use the internet for obtaining information and keeping up-to-date with things. Internet information is delivered in different forms such as forum discussion, blogs and news. A great way of getting the latest information from your favorite websites or channels is through the use of RSS feed readers. With it, you can get automatic updates from channels and websites that are important to you. Below are a few of the best the best RSS feed readers for Mac.


Readkit is able to support a wide range of RSS services such as Fever, Feedly, Feedbin and NewsBlur to name a few. Readkit is able to support any kind of service that you are using such as Readability, Pocket, Instapaper and read it later services. Making use of this app means that you can reduce the number of apps to use. ReadKit features smart folders and it can be used to broaden, drill-down and increased feed sorting. A great excellent RSS reader that can almost do anything that you can think of to RSS updates.

Leaf RSS Reader

One thing that makes Leaf RSS reader stand-out is the fantastic design. Currently, it does not support any RSS services. However, it is able to function as a stand-alone RSS reader. It also supports Instapaper, Readability and Pocket. It incorporates smart views to help you sort and sift through the news and updates easily. It features an option that alerts you for new stories and share options.


Shrook is a clever RSS reader for Mac. It is able to organize and display the news and information in a smart way. You can customize how you want the updates delivered. However, there is a slight issue with this RSS reader. It lacks some of the basic tools to place the news and updates in context and the interface largely depends on its wide screen format.

Google Reader



NetNewsWire is a capable and versatile RSS feed reader which brings together Mac style and intelligent tools, making it easier to follow the news and updates proficiently. Quick search and clever folder system make obtaining important updates a piece of cake (though NetNewsWire isn’t going to connect into Spotlight) and reading through the news in NetNewsWire is a delight indeed.


Cyndicate enables you to arrange news coming from RSS feeds in any sort of manner you can think of, and also understands (from your personal previous ratings) which content pieces you are likely to love. However, Cyndicate may be a little bit sluggish – not fast enough to enjoy truly all the excellent charm.


Simplicity and beauty are a good description of NewsFire. NewsFire is a RSS reader for Mac that is very functional, simple to use and attractive. It is free but comes with a paid feature. The paid features provide you with some advanced functionality that makes this RSS reader ideal for finding interesting news, reading through them and forgetting about it; news that are not really good for handling or archiving.


The great thing about Squeet is it allows you to receive all the news and updates from Atom and RSS feeds and delivers them straight to your email. Since you are receiving it your mail, all of the updates are exposed to the capabilities of your email program that you might have. A few downsides about Squeet are that not everyone finds it appealing, and the coding is designed to take-up horizontal screen space. A delivery schedule function does not hurt too if added.


Vienna helps to keep adhering to RSS feeds easy and practical with the help of item flagging functionality, integrated browser, and smart group folders. However, you are only able to set a universal refresh interval. Pod-casts aren’t truly supported, and customized labels are not an option.


NewsLife offers a simple and sane approach to read articles and news arriving through RSS feeds. However, some improvements are welcomed. Smart folders could very well be a handy inclusion, and enhanced keyboard navigation may be nice.