100+ Students To Hold Forum On Solving Global Challenges

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Global education is more than just learning about the world, or learning about what’s happening with education, learning, and other teachers and classrooms around the globe. In our world, learning about other cultures and histories is still an important part of participating in a global society. But in an increasingly technology-based and global world, preserving those cultures so that people can still learn about them can also be a challenge.

ryf400Enter the Rhodes Youth Forum.

It’s happening in September 2013 and organized by the folks at Youth Time. The Rhodes Youth Forum will gather together more than 100 young people who are prone towards responsibility and constructive behavior in the current changes the contemporary world is undergoing. Debates with high level experts from various fields will touch on ways to keep a cultural identity in a multicultural society, to preserve traditional and non-material values, to actively participate in public and social life. The Forum is an attempt to think about global challenges by putting a young person in the center of all our activities.

We love that the program is full of presentations led by young people. The presentations will fall into one of four categories:

1. Media and Internet Projects
2. Social and Volunteering Projects
3. Infrastructure and Logistic Projects
4. Preservation of the Cultural Identity and Traditional Values in a Global World

Pretty awesome, right? Technology, young people, and global challenges and culture. We can’t wait to see what projects are presented (and by whom!) at the event this year. To learn more, check out YouthTime on Twitter. You can also follow along with the event and its associated activities and people by searching the hashtag #RhodesYouthForum.