Resume 2.0: The New Way To Get Your Dream Job

You can find a job online, do a job online, so why should your resume be limited to the virtual equivalent of pen and paper? There’s a new game in town that some of the best companies and career centers are advocating: resume websites. We’re talking about something far more advanced than just a bulleted list of your education and experience though. We here at EduDemic wanted to let you in on a big secret: making a resume website is super easy and a must for any job applicant.

Curious what a resume website might look like? Here’s a glimpse at one of the best ones on the web right now (below). It was just released a few days ago and is as innovative as it is elegant. We use that term intentionally because Nick Roach of Elegant Themes did the theme and once again nailed it. (Check out the live demo)

It’s not hard to get this design to be your own. Simply follow our Student Branding tips and get your own website (, install WordPress (easy to use, most hosts like GoDaddy will install for you), join Elegant Themes, and install the MyResume theme. You never need to know any coding, javascript, or other technical stuff. Elegant Themes has a built-in administrative panel that helps you do just about everything you’d ever want to do with this theme. There are some other, less elegant, web services out there that offer ‘Resume Hosting‘ but there is nothing better than having an easy-to-use site like below. Let us know if you need help setting it up or want to learn more about our experience at Elegant Themes. (Spoiler: it’s well worth the $20 a year!)