8 Exceptionally Useful Resources for Special Education Teachers


Students with special needs have a lot of potential to excel, but as a teacher, you have to make greater effort in finding effective resources and strategies that will bring knowledge closer to them. The educational industry is constantly changing, and it is currently focused on helping students achieve better results through research-based strategies.

The contemporary educational studies prepare educators with new, more effective teaching methods. The advanced psychological research on certain health conditions (like autism for example) helps teachers find a way to approach students with special needs. The concepts of educational technology are constantly being advanced, which gives educators many alternatives that can make their teaching techniques more effective.


Advanced Classroom and Curriculum Techniques

Educators can find great resources on classroom and curriculum management techniques at Teacher Vision. This website provides free information that helps teachers find the right approach for teaching students with handicaps, giftedness, Asperger’s, autism, and ADHD. Teacher Vision provides advice on adapting and supplementing the classroom materials with adequate books, activities, materials, and charts that will be interesting to students with special needs. In order to create an inclusive environment in the classroom, the approach and behavior needs to be modified – this website tells educators how to do that.


Games and Activities

Do2Learn is known as one of the best resources that help teachers find a way to improve the academic achievements, behavior, and social skills of students with special needs. The website features games, songs, craft projects, seasonal arts, and much more. Educators can find literacy tools, behavior management plans, teacher toolbox, and other special education materials.
The materials and information provided on this website are created by experts in the area of special education. The resources have been specifically developed to be adequate for students with Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other disabilities that inhibit their skills of self-regulation, communication, socializing, and learning.


EP and 504 Plan

The website of NCLD (the National Center for Learning Disabilities) provides valuable resources that help educators understand students with learning disabilities and find a way to keep them interested in the lessons. Teachers can find tips on how to improve the relationship with their students’ parents, how to use assistive technology and the 504 Plan or IEP (Individualized Education Program).


Advanced Degrees For Special Education Teachers

The website of the Bureau of Labor Statistics has a section specifically focused on special education teachers. The competition in this field of profession is constantly rising, but many school districts are still having problems to find licensed teachers for the needs of special education. According to the information on this website, educators are advised to pursue a Master’s of Science in Special Education in order to put themselves in the best competitive position and get the teaching position they want.


Resource Guides and Tools

The website of NEA (The National Education Association) delivers guides and news from the field of special education on regular basis. You can also find links to free online tools that will make the teaching process more effective, as well as useful guides that will help you find the right approach towards students with special needs.


State Legislation and Research Studies

The website of the Education Commission of the States (ECS) provides information on the special education laws by state, the latest findings from research studies devoted to this category, as well as other relevant news. You are welcomed to join the community and connect with other teachers from your branch to share your experience and learn from others.


News Resources

You can find valuable information and news on the methodology of special education teaching on the website of NASET (The National Association of Special Education Teachers). The monthly journal will help you stay informed on the trends associated with special education. The website offers procedures, checklists, tables, and forms which you can use to manage your daily activities.


 Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are valuable tools that allow you to join a large special education teaching community and jump into relevant discussions. Social media websites enable you to make your contribution to the community and learn from the experience of many professionals and teachers in the area of special education.