10 Teacher Resources For Motivating Students

students jumpingThis week’s Featured Learnist Top 10 selection is about motivating students. Sometimes motivating students can be challenging, and we often have to remember to check in with their basic needs and take time to develop those key relationships. Motivation is the key to establishing a lifelong love of learning–the type of learning on which Edudemic and Learnist were both designed to inspire.

Students with Exceptionalities

Lisa Grady Tenreiro’s board gives resources on motivating and teaching students with exceptionalities, including how to best work with students, and paraprofessionals. She also discusses the specifics of motivating different types of students, such as students with Autism or other individual needs, helping them achieve success.

Extras for Students

Rachel Pierson is probably the best teacher in the world–wouldn’t you love to be a student in her class after seeing her Learnist board on treats and surprises to keep students motivated? We all become a little more motivated when receiving treats or being recognized for doing our best.

Strong Parent-Teacher Communication

Strong home-school relationships are critical to student success. This board, by Gwen Duralek, has resources and information about making those home-school connections. Often, they are stronger at the elementary school level and need to be fostered more during high school.

Cultivating the Students of Tomorrow

How do we make sure that students will be ready for the fast pace of the 21st Century? This board by Naomi Isaac shows us by discussing how to foster curiosity, instil ethics, and use games. She also links to her blog, The Teaching Revolution, which has even more teaching thoughts.

Students Today

Allison Pilley addresses things necessary to make students today ready for jobs of tomorrow. This board talks about collaboration, connected learning, and the inside-out method of learning. She shows how social learning can go global and really get students invested. There is one learning, however, that really struck me–Learning 5, “I used to think,” which is an article about the author’s evolving thoughts on education.

Digital Literacy Skills for Students

Australian educator Rebecca Shiels’s board about digital literacy skills helps make lessons shine. She shows materials that make learning easy, because literacy “starts with play.”

Good Nutrition Month

This is a topic we’ve been discussing in schools across the nation. Sara Erke Welle’s board shows the importance of nutrition for all people. It’s impossible to motivate students if they aren’t healthy or properly nourished. This board’s a great start.

Gifted Students Education

Amanda Jane Linguard’s materials help to recognize and properly motivate gifted and talented students. If your school has a program, you’re lucky. If not, you can integrate this material into any classroom, home schooling situation, or supplementary study.

Talking with Kids about Loss and Tragedy

This is an important topic. Tragedies do occur in our lives. The way we present them to children shapes their ability to be resilient and handle the event and tragedy. So often we get caught up in the mission of education that we need to remind ourselves to slow down when tragedies occur in the lives of individual students or with groups of students. We need to help them handle these tragedies in the best way to allow them to move on.

Engaging Students

Alec Hamilton’s board shows ways to engage students and get them invested in their own education. He’s multitasking, though, because he is using this board to engage his students in learning about the topic of “engagement,” using videos and materials he has made himself, in addition to their course text.


  1. MikeWalker

    February 28, 2013 at 4:45 am

    Great post! Motivation is the key to successful learning and much can be gained from a friendly and giving environment and engaging students. Every teacher should pay attention to this.

  2. richard morin

    March 1, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    enjoyed reading the post we should involve these motivations pending on money situation involved

  3. teachermrw

    March 2, 2013 at 5:59 am

    Allison Pilley didn’t write the article. Rather, it was reported from another blog, as the majority of the content on her blog. Otherwise, there’s a good compilation of information there. I’m referring above to the “I used to think” post you referenced.