5 Quick Visual Guides To Earth Day 2013

There are a ton of resources out there about Earth Day. We spent much of our weekend combing through the best of the best and hope it paid off. Below are some of our favorite visual guides / infographics / posters about Earth Day that we thought would be beneficial to students, parents, teachers, and administrators around the world. Got another resource? Add it down in the comments and we’ll update this post for future readers!

What Is Earth Day 2013? A Quick Guide

Isn’t it amazing that Earth Day has only been around for 43 years even though Earth is over 4.5 billion years old? Many companies and organizations encourage you to remain environmentally-conscious so we can continue to celebrate Earth Day for many years to come. Published by Elite Research

earth day visual

How We Turn Trash Into Treasure

Earth Day is coming up in just ten days on Monday, April 22nd, 2013. 2013 will mark the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, a global effort through which individuals and communities from around the world come together to help find solutions for man-made issues such as climate change. As a “green” junk hauling company that makes every effort to recycle as high a percentage as possible of the trash and unwanted items we pick-up, we decided that it would be a fun exercise to create an infographic in honor of Earth Day 2013.

In the following infographic, we’ve highlighted 8 different examples of ways that “trash” can be turned into “treasure” by exercising just a bit of creativity. For example, you can turn a few dozen old chopsticks into a very cool and modern looking fruit basket. Old bicycle chains can transform into an ultra-unique bottle opener that any hipster would be clamoring for. Or take the bottom half of an old suitcase and line in with some bedding to allow your canine companion to start snoozing in style!

We hope you enjoy this infographic and come away half as inspired as we did throughout the course of researching and designing it. Published by Fast Haul

earth day visual

The Greener Future Of Datacenters

When you look at how much energy datacenters consume, it can be surprising. With more mobile devices, applications, and online services being offered than ever before, it becomes easy to see how datacenters power our lives. Published by Fusion-io

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How To Save Money And The Environment

Today, the World will be celebrating Earth Day. Over 192 countries actively participate in this holiday, making it one of the most celebrated movements around the globe. To help encourage involvement this year, I’ve put together an awesome infographic that illustrates the little things you can do around the house to help make a difference. Published by ereplacementparts

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Earth Day Special: Teach Students About Badgers

Did you know that American badgers are in trouble and need your help. This infographic teaches kids all about this awesome weasel relative, touching on topics like how they hunt and how they spend their day. It is a great tool to teach kids about conservation as it looks at 3 of the American badger’s biggest threats and how gives them an opportunity to help. Published by Earth Rangers

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